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May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Here's some important things to remember always, but especially this month when we are focusing on change:

  • No one is exempt from mental health struggles. No one.

  • Everyone should feel safe seeking help.

  • Be aware of your thoughts about yourself and the words you speak to others who may be fighting their own inner battle.

  • Help end the stigma so that more people feel empowered to share their struggles.

  • Remember to give yourself grace always.

According to Mental Health America, 'nearly 1 in 5 American adults will have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year.' The number of children who suffer from anxiety and depression is only rising.

While the statistics are shocking, I'm sad to realize that I'm not surprised by the numbers.

Besides learning how to survive mentally(and physically if we're being honest)through a global pandemic, humans are repressing traumas, dealing with hustle culture, social media, depressing and downright terrifying news, bullying(at every age!), and listening to hate being spewed on a regular basis. It's no wonder we're struggling to get by.

On the bright side, we do have a way to begin turning these numbers around. Do you know how that is?

We talk about it.

Why is it that when people take medicine for heart issues and stomach problems and millions of other ailments, the whole world is just 'okay' with it, but when it comes to our mental health, we're told, 'get over it', and 'nothing is wrong with you, it's all in your head'? Why is mental health so overlooked and turned away? Why don't we feel just as safe seeking medical attention for our minds as we do our bodies?

It's so important for every single person in this world to feel safe when talking about their mental health. Communication, in all circumstances, is key. If people weren't trying so hard to keep those feelings hidden, we'd solve a lot more problems and lead much healthier lives. Because guess what? So much disease stems from mental health matters.


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Not everyone has access to healthcare that covers counseling or other tools, so being able to be open about what's going on in our heads may sometimes be necessary for survival.

If kids were taught how to process their emotions and work through traumas at a young age, they would grow into adults who knew how to process their emotions and work through traumas.

The cycle has to end somewhere, so why not here? Why not today?

Let's begin to focus on our healing and self-love so that these growing numbers begin to shrink and maybe even disappear. What would the world look like if we all had access to the communication and understanding we all desperately need?

Pretty damn beautiful, if you ask me. And we all deserve that.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I am doing a giveaway! The only way to expand my reach and help as many people as I can by giving them a safe space and words of encouragement is through you. Every new subscriber is in the running for the giveaway, worth over $50!

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The drawing closes on June 1st, so join my soul tribe today!


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