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The Importance of Self-Investment

I have a question for you, and I want you to really think about the answer.

What has been your biggest investment?

Don't read any further until you've given yourself an answer.

Did you think about your house?

Your business?

A vacation home?

Someone else’s dream?

The stock market?

Did you read ahead before you came up with an answer? (It's okay, I'm just giving you a hard time.)

When I first heard this question, my mind immediately went to the monetary investments I’ve made throughout my life. But, in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t spend my time thinking about money, or talking about money, or teaching about money.

I talk about myself, my personal wellness journey, and I talk to you about you and yours.

And of course, this question popped up in a podcast about mental health.

So the answer to this question should be, ‘ME’.

After all, you are your longest commitment and single greatest investment. On every level.

I hope that just by being here today, this proves you are working on all the aspects of self-investment. Maybe you’re an expert and you’ve spent years figuring out what makes you tick and how to be your best self. Maybe you’re figuring things out as you go, not completely in and not entirely sold on the idea. Or maybe you’re a beginner, feeling a little lost, and looking to find your way back to you.

No matter your level, we’re here to talk!

I’m a firm believer that wellness brings together all aspects of health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. But so many people, when working on being their best self, will only work on one part and then wonder why they don’t feel better in all areas. How can all areas improve if you’re only working on one thing?

Let’s think about an example:

When you buy a house, what are you investing in? You don’t just purchase the kitchen, right? You’re going to want the whole package because the house doesn’t really work to its max potential if you only get the one specific room.

The same if you buy a car. Do you only purchase the wheels? Where the heck are you going to go with that? You need to buy the engine to make the car run, the tires to keep you rolling, and the body and seats to keep you safe and comfortable. Kind of sounds like a human, right?

When you spend your money, you want every single benefit to maximize your investment. So why don’t we do this for ourselves?

Let’s break down the different health aspects we all have and we all need to focus on to be the best version of ourselves.

First we have the physical aspect, and

this is the one I’ve noticed most people choose to be their main investment. Every single day, I listen to people talk about the food they eat, the exercise they do(or don’t do), the pills they pop, how fat they believe they are, how skinny they want to be, their energy levels, and so much more.

Your physical health is SO important in order to have a fulfilling life, but sometimes I wonder if maybe, when we put the work in on the inside, the outside falls into place naturally.

Which brings us to our mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Never forget that you have a brain and soul to fuel and that the only way to fuel them properly is to give them the best nutrients. There are many ways to do this(and I don't mean with pills or food), and it’s honestly my favorite muscle to exercise. I love working on my mindset and challenging myself to be better. Mental health exercise can include meditation or prayer, journaling, play, and other various forms of self-improvement.

We'll dive deeper into each of these soon if you're looking for any suggestions.

For now, I'd like for you to sit in this for a while. Think about where you invest your focus. See if it aligns with the goals you've set for yourself. (Don't have any goals? We'll get to that too!) It's important to recognize where you are in order to get to where you want to go.

If we expect to change, we cannot sit around waiting for change to manifest on its own.

I hope you're excited to move forward with this! It might help to partner up with someone who is looking to make some forward strides in self-improvement, but if you don't have this kind of support in your circle, feel free to buddy up with me. This dedication is lifelong and never has an end date, so no matter where you are on your journey, it will always be beneficial to have a friend for the ride.

Talk soon, and remember to love yourself and live your soul!

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