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The Little Things

Hi, everyone! Thanks for all the love here. Your support means so much to me!

I hope you're all healthy and doing your best to stay positive.

The other night was difficult for me...I find that since the world has begun to change, my emotions have taken the driver's seat to everything else in my life. The uncertainty is frightening and I've been prone to random crying spells.

But as I was driving home on Friday, still in an emotional state, I looked up at the sky to see a rainbow wrapped around the sun and I knew I would be okay.

Why, you ask, would something as simple as that reassure me?

Because it IS that's the little things.

I know everyone knows how to appreciate the beauty in life. But how many of you have felt it?

What I mean is, everyone knows that when they see a flower, they can appreciate the vibrance of the colors, or even the meaning of it. But when you climb a hill and on the other side you're faced with a giant field of tulips, I'd be willing to bet you feel those blooms.

This gut feeling; the intense pull in your core, that's how you begin to know love.

Before I had taken the time to figure myself out, I was the person who saw the flower and thought it was pretty. Today, after years of work, I'm the person who notices the flowers wherever I go.

Why is this important?

Because once you decide to start your journey back to you, you're going to need to learn to find strength and beauty in those little things.

Pay attention to what makes you catch your breath.

When you need to get to that place, after some practice, you will begin to find more and more things that put you in a place of awe.

This goes hand in hand with being grateful. I'm sure you've heard time and time again that in order to be happy, you need to practice being grateful everyday. This is not an option. Without an understanding of how blessed you are, you will never reach that place of true self-love. I'm not saying you need to start journaling(although I will bring this up again and again), but making a conscious effort to feel grateful for the things you are blessed with each day is a major starting point.

Let's try a little exercise. It doesn't matter how the weather is in your area. Walk outside. Never mind which season you're in, even if it's your least favorite and you'd rather hunker down inside binge watching anything at all rather than step foot out of your sanctuary. Go outside.

All good?


Close your eyes. Concentrate on your senses.

How does the sun feel against your skin?

Do you smell the leaves as they flutter to the ground?

Pay attention to the birds chirping, or the lawn mower down the street. Do you smell the fresh cut grass?

How do the snowflakes taste? Notice how peaceful the silent snowy world is.

Has that tree in front of your house begun blooming yet? How do the pink flowers smell?

Imagine that the raindrops are cleansing everything that brings you down.

Open your eyes.

What color is the sky through the bare branches?

How fluffy are the clouds?

Do you see that bird's nest up there?

The neighbor kids built a snow family. They're outside laughing as they dress the snow in their own scarves and hats.

Recognize that you are a part of this. Life is happening all around you and you are here and if you really stop to think about it, these things are magical.

Look at the colors in that sunset. Everything is so intense and serene at the same time.

Are you drinking coffee on the porch while the sun rises? Is the moon still awake?

How does your heart feel when you take a walk? Or go for a run?

Have you ever heard of runner's high? That moment when a whoosh of what feels like power and magic rushes through your entire body and you feel free, like you're flying.

I find that when I go for walks, I'm looking up more often than not. I'm in constant awe of the changing sky and the colors it treats me to.

When you seek the beauty this Earth has to offer, you find solace in yourself. These little things become the huge things that you turn to whenever you need them.

Next time you're feeling low, or stressed out, or angry, walk outside. Breathe deep, close your eyes, and feel the life around you. This one mindful step can mean the difference between settling for a dispirited day or inviting joy into it.

You'll be surprised to find how much you're able to feel when you make the conscious effort

Take the first step in loving yourself.

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